February 5, 2010

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January 31, 2011

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by omegatrend1999 on January 30, 2011
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Healthier Community!

September 23, 2010

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March 13, 2010

Hello World ..,
A New WordPress Magazine Theme 2010

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Would you like to use WordPress, but it looks confusing?

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But it took me over 70 VERY frustrating hours to set up my first website.
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I decided to share my time-saving tips with others.
That’s why I wrote my book, “Sites that Soar!”…

I’m Architect Desire 2010. Listen to my story.
(One change since I recorded this: My book is now over 150 illustrated pages.)
This book works with WordPress 2.9,
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There’s even more good news. Updating my website takes less than a third as much time as it used to. That’s a huge improvement!
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In the month that followed, my website remained at least among the top five.
And, it’s stayed on Google’s first page. (A year later, in December 2009, it was still in the third spot when I searched on business art — or business + art — though I hadn’t updated the site since December 2008.)
I did the same thing with two more websites, with similar results. Each time, I learned more shortcuts. Now, I can customize a WordPress theme–with fresh graphics, a unique sidebar, and all the plugins–in a little over an hour.
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I explain the process, step-by-step. I’ve included lots of screenshots from WordPress 2.7. (It still works with WordPress 2.9.2… everything looks about the same.) Here are what two book pages look like. You can download the actual pages (as PDFs), to see them, free.
Here’s a partial list of chapters:
Getting started
Customizing your theme
Important backups
Branding: Your header graphic
Adding articles
Finding your Category ID numbers
Editing your website code
Sidebar changes
Tabs: Changing their names and contents
Customizing your homepage
Homepage graphics explained
Custom fields and graphics
Uploading graphics in WordPress (it’s easy)
Adding homepage graphics
Managing a large site with WordPress
Copying older pages into WordPress
Appendix 1: Installing WordPress (auto)
Appendix 2: Installing WordPress (other)
Appendix 3: WordPress for SEO
Appendix 4: Creating an .htaccess file
Appendix 5: Changing header background, image size
Appendix 6: Navigation bar changes
Appendix 7: An actual timeline
How to add articles (step-by-step directions)

Here’s what one reader, Jaymi, said…
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“His clear, crisp writing and fun, helpful examples not only show you how to set up your blog but how to do it in style. He proves that you don’t need to have previous coding experience to install a WordPress blog and take a free layout and customize it to fit your site’s need.
“I highly recommend and endorse this e-book to all my friends who want to start their own blogs.”
Jaymi Elford

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“‘Sites that Soar’ has all of the information I would need to set up my first page and make it rock, in a clear and easy-to-follow instructional format.
“Now all I need to do is decide what to call it! Thanks!”
— Vernon Pope

Here’s what Dana said…
“I have read through Sites that Soar, and I’m just amazed at how comprehensive, yet SUCCINCT you’ve managed to make this!
“You’ve created maps and timelines and all of the visuals that someone like me needs (I do know html and css, but am really clueless about php and in particular, WordPress has scared me off several attempts prior!).
“I feel like this is just the tool I need to get me where I want to be with a Web 2.0 version of my site, that doesn’t cut into my time to serve clients and make music!
— Dana Detrick-Clark, Audio Specialist

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Customers will receive the following bonuses, free:
My 11-minute recording, How and why to make the most of magazine-style websites. ($15 value)

How to add an article – My 17-page guide for your website contributors. (You can distribute this.) It shows people, step-by-step, how to add articles to your website. ($7 value).

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This book was written by Architect Desire 2010.
It is also available in print — without the bonuses — at http://www.architectdesire2010.
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March 11, 2010

Hello World ..,
Revolutionary Integrations Systems 2010

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Database Normalization explained.


Understanding and mastering database normalization techniques is essential in order to achieve a high performance database design for your system. If your design doesn’t conform to (at least) the Third Normal Form (3NF), chances are high that you will find it hard to achieve the performance needed for a successful application.
Furthermore, you will find that writing good DML-statements (SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE) is difficult, and sometimes actually impossible, without using a lot of procedural coding (PL/SQL in Oracle, VB/C# in Microsoft products).

Many “experts” will tell you that if you do database normalization up to (and including) the Third Normal Form, you’re well off. The Database Normalization eBook shows you that this a far too easy approach, and it is richly documented with graphical Entity Relationship and Server Diagram examples.

Before we proceed, may I ask what is your profession? (If no option matches you, just skip it):

Systems Analyst/Programmer
Software Project Manager

Software Project managers: Learn to control how your database will meet all project requirements.
Systems Analysts and Programmers: Learn how to build high-performing databases allowing clean DML statements that run FAST.
Students and Teachers: Learn all there is about the most important database design techniques VERY FAST and in a way even your mother will understand. Students: Outsmart your teachers.
The Five Normal Forms

The Database Normalization eBook will walk you through all the 5 Normal Forms in database normalization normally used to analyze data models in the making. We will be starting with formal definitions, and then explore and explain them in plain language.
The mission of this 50-page eBook is not to deliver academic definitions of the normal forms, but to communicate the author’s practical experience in data modeling using database normalization techniques, built on nearly 30 years of business experience with data modeling for government, industrial, communications and other large relational database customers.

The Database Normalization eBook also contains separate chapters on Boyce/Codd Normal Form (BCNF), and Domain Key Normal Form (DKNF).

Database Normalization eBook:
Table Of Contents

“Your eBook is now mandatory reading for my project members.”
Sabrina, Project Manager, Germany

Target audiences:

Software project managers

Understand the difference and importance of database analysis and design vs. programming
Reveal why programmers decide differently than the business needs, and why it can create a disaster
Get on even terms with the technologists with no-fuzz language
Speed up the design process
Cut down on time and money spent
You pull the shots
Why all the talk about performance considerations is non-essential
Compressed information, takes less time to learn and apply
Easy, down-to-earth graphic examples
Conceptual modeling examples (ER diagrams)
Logical modeling examples(Server diagrams)
Create functionality-rich structures with maximum business flexibility
Design for business scalability
All within budget and time!
“I’m myself (since 1996) in the data modeling business (OLTP and OLAP, with accent on OLAP for the past 5 year).

I own and have read about 30 – 40 books on this topic (practically most of the available and out of print books) and I’m still impressed by your website and ebooks. I like a lot of things about the keynotes and ebooks, what I like most is the balance you have managed to keep between a dry subject / theory and a clear “down-to-earth” treatment of the subject, without sacrificing any of the important aspects.

The examples in the normalisation ebook are also very good.”
Georg Breazu, Senior Systems Consultant, Germany
System analysts and programmers

Compare normalized and denormalized structures
Experience consequences of poor design on your programs
Why the business model is more important than easy programming
Complete DDL scripts so you can experiment with database tables
Avoid poor-performing databases and programs
Speed up the development process and avoid unneccesary time and cost spendings
Highten the quality of the database as well as your SW
Understand why poor normalization can make it impossible to write some DML-statements against the database
“I’ve seen good, bad and butt ugly database design books. The database normalisation eBook is in the category of good. It is a concise guide, based on scientific principles and common sense.”
Philip, Systems Analyst, United Kingdom
Students and teachers

Explain database normalization in understandable (read: plain English) terms
Ready-made examples for direct use
Play with the ready-made database structures
See consequences all the way from conceptual modeling to physical database structures
Shorten down time to understand and master the 5 Normal Forms
Instant download: Get going NOW!
Teachers: Have your answers ready: The questions will come…
Students: Outsmart your teacher
“Your eBook has been very helpful to both me and my students.”
Robert, Teacher, USA

Avoid the situation of this teacher, taken from a desperate post on a forum on the Internet:
“I am about to start teaching Normalization to my students, and was wondering whether anyone can recommend an idiot’s guide to BCNF for me! I am fine up to 3rd NF, then confusion sets in!… I would really like a simple explanation as any reference to BCNF which I have found so far on the Net is coughed in technical terms rather than words of less than two syllables…”

(you will find out that this is no big deal…)

Consistent examples

The Database Normalization eBook uses a consistent theme of accounts, departments, projects and transactions throughout, so you can easily review the consequences as we move from First Normal Form through all the accepted Normal Forms.
Entity Relationship and Database diagrams

Pros and cons of denormalization with the aim of improving performance are also discussed, and which consequences denormalization may have on your database. The Database Normalization eBook is illustrated with more than 20 entity relationship diagrams, as well as database (server) models, and SELECT statements that use the model.
Complete DDL scripts

The Database Normalization eBook includes complete DDL (Data Definition Language) scripts for creating the tables, indexes and constraints from the example database model in the eBook, for both Oracle and MS SQL Server. This will give you a view of the components that need to be created in order to build a fully normalized sample database.
If you are serious about understanding how databases are designed for maximum performance and minimum (no) redundancy, then you should know the details of database normalization.

How to order

The Database Normalization eBook is an easy download. ClickBank is used as a secure authorized billing agent for your safety. You place your order with ClickBank, who validate your credit card. Upon successful payment you will be returned to a special page on this site to make the download of the Database Normalization eBook. The eBook is a PDF file, approx. 480 Kb, and downloading time may vary depending upon your computer’s Internet connection.
Within a few seconds after payment, you can start reading and discovering in detail about all the accepted Normal Forms in database modeling and design, translated into straight-forward English, understandable language.

60-Day, 100% unconditional money-back guarantee:

I would like to share my hard-earned knowledge with you: However, if, for any reason, you do not think that this eBook is helpful to you in any way, I offer an unconditional, no-questions-answered, 60-Day 100 % refund: You can’t lose on this deal.
Either you get it, or you don’t.
To get your own, personal copy, click your Integrations free instant access to receive instant download instructions:
ClickYour Integrations >>
Only 37.00 US $
Additional VAT may be added inside the European Union, and where else applicable.
Database Normalization is a key element to high-performing database designs.

Every purchase of the Database Normalization eBook is highly appreciated, as it is a key factor for keeping this website alive, covering running costs. Be a part of it!
(The Database Normalization eBook is delivered in PDF format. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, get a free version: Click on the Acrobat Reader image.)

“I just stumbled accross your site looking for some normalization theory and I have to say it is fantastic.
I have been in the database field for 10+ years and I have never before come across such a useful site. Thank you for taking the time to put this site together.”

Mike, USA

Read more

Free eBook
Subscribe to my newsletter and get my ebook on Entity Relationship Modeling Principles as a free gift:

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Influence me

Influence the content on this site: I want to know what database information you need the most: Participate in my investigation. I would appreciate it if you took the time…

Database Normalization eBook:

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March 9, 2010

Hello World ..,
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February 10, 2010

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Google Mobile Blog

Integrating translation into Google Goggles
Posted: 17 Feb 2010 12:02 PM PST
(cross-posted with Google Translate Blog)

Yesterday, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Eric Schmidt and I demonstrated a prototype version ofGoogle Goggles that showcases the potential of integrating Google’s machine translation and image recognition technologies. In the video below, you’ll see how we use Goggles to take a picture of a German menu and instantly translate the text into English:

You may wonder what’s happening in the background. On the simplest level, this prototype connects the phone’s camera to an optical character recognition (OCR) engine, recognizes the image as text and then translates that text into English with Google Translate.

Right now this technology only works for German-to-English translations and it’s not yet ready for prime time. However, it shows a lot of promise for what the future might hold. Soon your phone will be able to translate signs, posters and other foreign text instantly into your language. Eventually, we’re hoping to build a version of Google Goggles that can translate between all of the 52 languages currently supported by Google Translate — bringing even more information to you on the go.

Posted by Hartmut Neven

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February 1, 2010

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