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    Green Products – Save’s The Global Warming !!!

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    Politics and Current Events

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    Hello World ..,
    zBlogger @


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    Friday, 16:24 p.m.

    Dear Friend,

    If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen using Ikea Kitchen Cabinets and are completely overwhelmed with the process, I have good news for you.

    You see, I used to be a lot like you and I know what you’re going through. I once was all consumed by my kitchen remodeling project too!

    I thought about it at work, I dreamt about it at night, I daydreamed about it when I drove my car, and I spent hundreds of hours hunched over my computer on numerous kitchen forums obsessingabout it into the wee hours of the morning…

    To be honest, the whole process almost drove me to the point of madness! The more time I spent trying to do research for my new Ikea kitchen, the more confused I got.

    I was about ready to give up on myself and scrap the whole idea of remodeling my kitchen until I had a revelation that changed my entire outlook…

    What if I could go through the entire kitchen remodeling process (using Ikea Cabinets) and document every single detail of the process so other people could see how to do it right, and avoid the costly mistakes I made?
    Chronicling my kitchen remodel looked a good idea on paper, but it was harder to implement in thereal world where things don’t always run as smoothly as they do on those HGTV shows.

    I had to figure out the entire Ikea Kitchen Process alone while still keeping my life from completely disintegrating, I had to…

    work my regular 9-5 day job, then work another 4 hours each night on the kitchen
    take care of two small children (that’s another full time job right there)
    keep my wife happy (very important, she was headed for back surgery a month later)
    complete the remodel on budget and complete it on a tight time table
    take 100’s of pictures and copious amounts of notes along the way that I could share later
    “Very Helpful”

    We have started installing our kitchen (the upper cabinets are done) and yes, your instructions were really helpful.

    I was barely using the Ikea diagram while assembly, instead, I refered to your manual, which is much easier to understand.

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    How To Remodel Your Ikea Kitchen the Right Way

    As I sit here and type you this letter, it’s difficult for me to look back on my project and not cringeabout how much time and money I wasted trying to find all the answers to my Ikea kitchen remodeling questions.

    I eventually did find the answers I was looking for, but not from visiting forums. I had to learn the hard way (my loss is your gain, you get to take a shortcut).

    In order to learn how to do something the right way, you either need to do it yourself, or get help from someone who has done what you want to do.

    The wrong way to solve your kitchen remodeling problems is to listen to someone who is in the same boat you’re in (i.e. Kitchen Forums, Ikea Chat Groups). It’s not that the people on those websites are trying to do your project harm, the problem is they try and give advice about a subject which they have no experience (i.e. they’re in the same boat you are).

    The right way to get the beautiful new kitchen you’re dreaming of is to get advice from someone who’s been in your shoes and can show you how to turn your dreams into reality. I’m not promising I can wave a magic wand and you’ll have a perfect new kitchen, but I can promise you I can help you avoid making costly mistakes, and give you money and time saving tips that will keep your remodel running smoothly from start to finish.

    How to Go from an Ugly, Outdated 1980’s “Nightmare Kitchen”… To a New and Stylish Modern Kitchen on a Tight “Shoestring” Budget of only $13,133 dollars!…

    Here’s a before picture of our 1980’s nightmare kitchen that was made with cheap, flimsy “oak”cabinets with non-working drawers, scratched up laminate counters and dirty, worn out vinyl flooring with ZERO visual appeal…

    Before: 1980’s Nightmare Kitchen Cabinets

    Here’s what the new kitchen looks like with brand new stainless steel appliances, beautiful birch cabinets, exotic Sapele hardwood flooring and laminate granite counter tops…

    After: New Ikea Kitchen Remodel 3 Weeks Later

    (When your neighbors see your new kitchen they’ll be green with envy – and they’ll probably think you spent $50,000 dollars on it! Of course you’ll just smile knowing that you saved enough money on your Ikea kitchen to pay for a luxury month long vacation to the Caribbean!)

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    Are you thinking about using Ikea Cabinets for your kitchen remodeling project but you don’t know the first thing about you’re getting yourself into?

    Do you have any Idea how to build cabinet boxes without wasting time and making costly mistakes that can sabotage your project from the beginning?

    Do You know how to install your kitchen cabinets correctly so it look like a professional did it?

    Do you know how long your remodeling project will take? Or are you only guessing, hoping that somehow everything will just “workout fine” if you keep your fingers crossed?

    Do you know how to avoid having lost or missing parts on your order when your Ikea cabinet delivery arrives before the delivery truck is pulling out of your driveway and you’re stuck with the wrong cabinets?

    Do you know how to save $1000+ on hardwood flooring installation by using my secret contractor tip on exactly where and how to buy your flooring?

    Do you know how to save over $1500 on your kitchen counter top installation and have a professional contractor do the work for you?

    Do you know what time of day to buy your cabinets so your order doesn’t get screwed up and you have to postpone your installation for 3-6 weeks?

    Do you know how to phase your remodeling project so you’re not left high and dry without a working kitchen for 6 months?

    Are you sick and tired of searching all over the Internet trying to find answers to your kitchen remodeling questions and not having any luck?

    Do you get cold sweats in the middle of the night thinking about your project because it all seems so overwhelming that you’re thinking of giving up and scraping the whole idea of remodeling your kitchen all together?

    “Saves Time & Money”

    “This is a great manual for those of you out there looking for help installing IKEA cabinets. Often instructional guides are dry and don’t have practical insight.

    NOT SO with this one! Tons of illustrations, and insightful tips that could have only been learned by doing.”

    “Do yourself a favor, if you are looking for some great been there, done that advice, buy this manual.

    It will save you time, money and aggravationwhen installing IKEA cabinets.”

    ArchitectDesire2010 @

    Before you throw in the towel and think that your new kitchen is just some crazy dream that you’ll never achieve, DON’T GIVE UP YET…

    “How to complete your kitchen remodeling project on time, and on budget…without making any costly mistakes!…”

    “I’ll teach you all the tips and tricks I learned building my own kitchen – and show you how to save time, save money and give you step-by-step “plain english” instructions with over 300 detailed pictures to help you build your dream Ikea kitchen project on a shoestring budget.”

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    Complete kitchen remodeling overview with commentary, shortcuts, money saving tips, and complete budget number breakdown

    How to prepare for your kitchen remodeling project so you don’t get left high and dry when things don’t workout like you planned

    How to design your kitchen floor plan the right way (includes my personal AutoCAD PDF drawing files to show you the entire process of designing a functional kitchen floor plan)

    The exact time and day to order your cabinets from Ikea (order at the wrong day and time and you’re guaranteed to have at least 3 errors on your invoice)

    Preparation steps for taking delivery of your cabinet order from Ikea (don’t make these common mistakes or your project is doomed from the beginning)

    How to stage your cabinets to eliminate assembly and installation mistakes

    Kitchen demolition tips that will save you time, money and headaches

    How to plan your installation without turning your life upside down (I show you how much work you can expect to get done each day so you can plan ahead and stay on schedule)

    Construction phasing secrets to keep your kitchen usable during installation and during demolition. Includes my AutoCAD PDF phasing diagram drawings (if you don’t phase your installation you could be without a working kitchen for 3-6 months!!!)

    How to install the mysterious Ikea suspension rail system using “the grid system”

    Step by step cabinet box building tutorial with over 20 detailed pictures and hands on tips shows you how to build the cabinets right the first time

    How to install the upper cabinets so they’re plumb, level and square every time

    How to install the base cabinets (don’t make this common mistake or you’re cabinet installation will be screwed up from the beginning)

    My secret “base cabinet cleat tip” that will make your base cabinets as solid as a tank

    How to make a custom kitchen peninsula using stock Ikea base cabinets and cover panels

    Money saving tips on kitchen sinks and faucets (I’ll show you how I screwed up buying a faucet and how to save $300 on a kitchen sink)

    The Ikea Lazy Susan and how it saved my kitchen design (includes AutoCAD PDF layout drawings showing how to incorporate them into your plan – you don’t need AutoCAD to view)

    How to make a cool pull out garbage from stock Ikea cabinets and save $100

    Over 300 up-close detailed pictures of the entire remodeling process from start to finish and everything in between!


    “The Ikea kitchen manual is great. I found tons of information in it that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

    I really enjoyed the step-by-step guide as well as the pictures that helped me make sure I was on the right track with my project.

    If you are even considering installing IKEA kitchen cabinets, the information in the manual is invaluable.”

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    Over My Shoulder” As We Successfully Complete
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    The thick 155 page Ikea Kitchen Secrets Manual is packed full of all the hard hitting DIY informationyou need to be able to confidently rip out that ugly old kitchen and install the new beautiful Ikea Kitchen of your dreams…

    Imagine how good you’ll feel saving thousands of dollars and how proud you’ll be that you did the whole job yourself.

    Follow my step-by-step manual during your kitchen remodel and easily complete your project for less than 1/2 of what a professional contractor would charge you for the job!

    Save time and money on your Ikea Kitchen Remodeling Project with my insider’s tips and tricks including…

    Step-by-step tutorials that show you exactly what to do and how to do it

    How to complete your project on time and on budget without any costly mistakes

    How to save over $1500 on your counter top installation

    300 detailed pictures of each step of the process – up close and in living color

    How to save $1000+ on hardwood flooring with my little known contractor’s secret shopping tip that allows you to buy your material at wholesale pricing

    How to organize your entire kitchen remodeling project from start to finisheliminating all the usual headaches and frustration of trying to figure everything out on your own

    The Ikea Kitchen Secrets Manual Will Easily
    Pay for Itself *20* Times Over… or More!

    When I created the Ikea Kitchen Secrets Manual, I made it with you in mind. It’s exactly the type of time and money saving information I wish I had before I started my remodeling project.

    Even if you’re “on the fence” about using Ikea Cabinets for your kitchen, you should still get my Ikea Kitchen Secrets Manual because it dives way deeper than just showing you how to install and build Ikea cabinets.

    It’s jam-packed full of great money saving tips and practical advice like this…

    How to design a kitchen floor plan that’s perfect for your space

    How to install kitchen appliances (photo tutorials with commentary)

    How to save up to $1500 on your kitchen counter top installation

    How to establish a budget for your kitchen remodel and stick to it

    How to save $1000+ on hardwood flooring

    How to avoid making a $100 mistake (like I did) when you buy a kitchen faucet

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    and on, and on and on…..

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    Step-by-step tutorials to help you avoid costly mistakes

    Insider tips and tricks that assure a perfect installation every time

    How to organize your parts list when you order to save time and headaches
    when you’re ready to assemble your cabinet boxes (this tip alone could save
    your entire project from blowing up in your face, costing you hundreds of
    dollars and weeks of wasted time waiting for your “forgotten” parts to ship
    from across the ocean)

    How to save $1000+ on your hardwood flooring installation

    How to install the upper cabinets like a professional contractor

    How to install the Ikea suspension rail using the “grid system”

    How to make a kitchen peninsula from stock Ikea cabinets

    How to save over $1500 on your counter top installation

    How to install the ledger board to make your cabinets 2 times more sturdy

    How to save $100 dollars by making your own pullout garbage station

    Plus over 300 detailed pictures that show every step of the entire process!

    ***The pictures above are just a small sample of the over 300 pictures and
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    “Loved the Manual”

    Loved the manual – quite a complete volume!

    Thought you did a nice job of making it human and more fun than your standard instruction sheet. Very accessible!

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