Healthier Community!

Dear my beloved Healthier Community, RE: PROPOSAL FOR A NEW HALAL HEALTHY MEAL… EVERYDAY FOR GOVERNMENT, PRIVATE SECTOR & ALL AROUND THE GLOBE! This information will make introducing Herbalife products to all of you ” fun, simple and magical.” Herbalife Products for Healthy Living. First, we’re going to explain Cellular Nutrition, the scientific concept that is the basis our core nutrition and weight management products: * Nutritious Mixed Soy Powder Drink * Tea Mix-Lemon & Hibiscus * Blended Soy and Whey Protein Powder <> Next, we’ll take a look at each one of our two product categories: Weight Management, and Personal Care / Outer Nutrition. We’ll tell you why our products benefit modern lifestyles, what the products in each category do; Refer to the Product Catalogue for additional product details and benefits. Sponsor ID Number : MY239261 Lastly our corporation of the Healthier Community Transformation Service needed your support to regenerate a sustainable healthier community around the World! With Best Compliments & Warm Regards, Thanks for your support! C.C. Please feel free to reform for healthy living ., (*_*) Week in Review (*_*)


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