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March 13, 2010

Hello World ..,
A New WordPress Magazine Theme 2010

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Hello ..,

Would you like to use WordPress, but it looks confusing?

I understand. I’m an artist, and I hate the bland, basic WordPress design.
But… I didn’t want to learn computer code or hire someone to set up my websites.
So, I chose the FREE WordPress Magazine theme. I like it even better than expensive themes. (That’s how my website looks, on the right.)
But it took me over 70 VERY frustrating hours to set up my first website.
As I worked, I took lots of notes.
My next website took me about three hours, total.
Wow! What a difference!
I decided to share my time-saving tips with others.
That’s why I wrote my book, “Sites that Soar!”…

I’m Architect Desire 2010. Listen to my story.
(One change since I recorded this: My book is now over 150 illustrated pages.)
This book works with WordPress 2.9,
and the most reliable through 2.6.

Buy this book

Price: $17.00
Download your copy right now!

“Sites that Soar!” will show you how to…
Go from this


There’s even more good news. Updating my website takes less than a third as much time as it used to. That’s a huge improvement!
And, here’s the really amazing part:
My “Business of Art” site had been buried somewhere on page five at Google.
Within three days of using WordPress theme, my site soared to the third spot on Google’s first page, for my keywords.
(For awhile, I even outranked American Artist magazine, the Getty museum, and Wikipedia.)
In the month that followed, my website remained at least among the top five.
And, it’s stayed on Google’s first page. (A year later, in December 2009, it was still in the third spot when I searched on business art — or business + art — though I hadn’t updated the site since December 2008.)
I did the same thing with two more websites, with similar results. Each time, I learned more shortcuts. Now, I can customize a WordPress theme–with fresh graphics, a unique sidebar, and all the plugins–in a little over an hour.
I wrote this book so that you can do the same thing.

Buy this book

Price: $17.00
Download your copy right now!

This 150-page book shares everything I learned about tweaking WordPress Magazine theme.
(You can use this same information with most magazine-style WordPress themes, including Mimbo.)
I explain the process, step-by-step. I’ve included lots of screenshots from WordPress 2.7. (It still works with WordPress 2.9.2… everything looks about the same.) Here are what two book pages look like. You can download the actual pages (as PDFs), to see them, free.
Here’s a partial list of chapters:
Getting started
Customizing your theme
Important backups
Branding: Your header graphic
Adding articles
Finding your Category ID numbers
Editing your website code
Sidebar changes
Tabs: Changing their names and contents
Customizing your homepage
Homepage graphics explained
Custom fields and graphics
Uploading graphics in WordPress (it’s easy)
Adding homepage graphics
Managing a large site with WordPress
Copying older pages into WordPress
Appendix 1: Installing WordPress (auto)
Appendix 2: Installing WordPress (other)
Appendix 3: WordPress for SEO
Appendix 4: Creating an .htaccess file
Appendix 5: Changing header background, image size
Appendix 6: Navigation bar changes
Appendix 7: An actual timeline
How to add articles (step-by-step directions)

Here’s what one reader, Jaymi, said…
“Architect Desire 2010 e-book, Sites that Soar, takes what makes starting a blog hard out of the picture and replaces it with easy to understand instructions.
“He shows you how to make your own website using the WordPress blogging system; taking you from purchasing your own domain to customizing it with text and images.
“His clear, crisp writing and fun, helpful examples not only show you how to set up your blog but how to do it in style. He proves that you don’t need to have previous coding experience to install a WordPress blog and take a free layout and customize it to fit your site’s need.
“I highly recommend and endorse this e-book to all my friends who want to start their own blogs.”
Jaymi Elford

Here’s what Vernon said…
“I have been blogging and using the internet for years, but have always been intimidated by the thought of establishing my own free-standing webpage.
“‘Sites that Soar’ has all of the information I would need to set up my first page and make it rock, in a clear and easy-to-follow instructional format.
“Now all I need to do is decide what to call it! Thanks!”
— Vernon Pope

Here’s what Dana said…
“I have read through Sites that Soar, and I’m just amazed at how comprehensive, yet SUCCINCT you’ve managed to make this!
“You’ve created maps and timelines and all of the visuals that someone like me needs (I do know html and css, but am really clueless about php and in particular, WordPress has scared me off several attempts prior!).
“I feel like this is just the tool I need to get me where I want to be with a Web 2.0 version of my site, that doesn’t cut into my time to serve clients and make music!
— Dana Detrick-Clark, Audio Specialist

Buy this book

Price: $17.00
Download your copy right now!

Of course there are bonuses!
Customers will receive the following bonuses, free:
My 11-minute recording, How and why to make the most of magazine-style websites. ($15 value)

How to add an article – My 17-page guide for your website contributors. (You can distribute this.) It shows people, step-by-step, how to add articles to your website. ($7 value).

30 Day Bum Marketing Blueprint, with Master Resell Rights. “Bum marketing” is one of my all-time favorite approaches to marketing, and it costs nothing to succeed.

The blueprint is actually a 30-day step-by-step program to online success.

This bonus includes the extra report, How To Make $150 a Day With Bum Marketing. (This is a $9.99 bonus and worth far more.)

Google AdSense for Newbies – One of the most comprehensive (103 pages) guides to making money by featuring free, discreet Google ads and links on your website. This bonus includes Master Resell Rights and Private Label Rights. ($17 value)

The Secret to High Website Conversions – A helpful guide, whether you’re selling a service, your own products, or someone else’s. ($47 value)

This book was written by Architect Desire 2010.
It is also available in print — without the bonuses — at http://www.architectdesire2010.
Order problems? Email me at: Email at